The Power Is All In The Millennial's Hands

It is a sad time in this day and age because millennial’s are often criticized for their overexertion with technologyAnd other things alike. Whether you are supporting it or against it, this is the up-and-coming generation that is going to lead us in the direction in the best way the see fit.  Within 2020 nearly 50% of the working population will be nothing but millennial’s, and other liked-minded individuals School be up starting and managing their own companies more often.

Money is put their individual work habits and personality traits in the back burner when it’s time to grind. Their values are having a drastic impact on how they sculpt the company culture. Millennials everyday are sharpening their skills when it comes to choosing who they work for, but also digging past the surface when it comes to the values of why they would want to work for them or what they are sold on. 

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