These People Across The Globe Have A Higher Chance Of A Prolonged Life

Around the world, people live longer, healthier lives than ever before. 1 place this is most visible is in the amount of centenarians, or individuals living to age 100. Though we know people live longer, we do not always know how they do it.

After discovering that there are longevity hot areas where folks tend to live particularly long, Dr. William J. Mueller and his research team from the University of Miami, spent the past 12 years locating and documenting those regions, dubbed “blue zones.” During that research, he discovered several things which may prolong health and lifestyle for men and women in blue zones. “Longevity is a result of continuous, longterm little things,” Muller says. “There is no silver bullet.” Here are the locations in the world where it’s hot areas can prolong your life.

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