Code Beautiful – Is It Time To Forget Fake Eyelashes?

I don’t know about you but I really struggle with false eyelashes. They’re messy and difficult to place correctly. Not to mention the fact that they often make a break for it during a dance off in a nightclub and end up stuck somewhere along your cheekbones – lovely.

So, for many years now, I have been searching for a mascara that gives a genuine false lash effect. And, I have found many, many great formulas but, definitely none as impressive as Code Beautiful’s “Forget False Lashes” and “VLM Mascara” combo.

Code Beautiful “Forget False Lashes” (Available Here):


Code Forget False Lashes

Code Beautiful’s “Forget False Lashes” is an eyelash primer which is designed to plump up sparse and short hair. The formula is a beige/grey colour but becomes invisible upon applying a top coat of black mascara. “Forget False Lashes” is used to coat the eyelashes from root to tip by wriggling the wand back and fourth during application. I always pay particular attention to tips of my lashes in order to achieve the illusion of long lashes.

I was amazed by the results provided by this formula. The micro-fibres in the product cling to lashes, genuinely giving instant volume. Now, this step does add a minute or two to my make up routine in the morning because I like coat my lashes precisely and evenly, to avoid clumping but, it’s definitely not as time consuming as applying eyelash glue!

Code Beautiful “VLM Mascara” (Available Here):

Code VLM Review

I am in LOVE with this formula! It’s blacker than black, glossy and adds serious volume. “VLM Mascara” is created using wax and vitamins, so the product promises to be kind to eyelashes and promote growth. The mascara is also paraben free.

I use this product by adapting Code Beautiful’s “Roots, Wriggle and Roll” technique and again, concentrate on the tips of the lashes to add extra length. I’m really impressed by the anti-clumping, waterproof formula which actually lasts all day, unlike some high-end mascaras that advertise “12 hour wear”.

Together, the combination of “Forget False Lashes” and “VLM Mascara” is every beauty addicts’ dream! See the results below:

On another note, I’m off to NYC tomorrow morning and Code Beautiful actually sell a mini version of their “VLM Mascara” for holidaymakers. You can find it here from Meaghers Pharmacy. It might be a great excuse to try the product before you buy the full size!

Now tell me, have you tried these formulas or do you already have a favourite mascara to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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