Contestant’s Response After Epic ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fail

Haas, an analyst at a local food manufacturer who is married and has twin girls, released this statement Wednesday:

Hello Everyone,

You may already know me as that guy on Wheel of Fortune who missed the easy A Streetcar Named Desire puzzle. To be on Wheel of Fortune has always been a dream of mine, though the reality right now may seem like the opposite.

Needless to say, I have learned a great deal from this experience. It has taught me how to embrace embarrassment and failure with a smile. AND YES, it has taught me the correct title of that famous 1947 Broadway play. In addition, I got to meet Pat and Vanna, they were so nice!

I am happy I brought so many smiles to you all, and so I will smile with you and look back onto this moment and join you in the laughs. That my friends, is the naked truth.

Warmest Regards,

Kevin Haas

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